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All roads leading to Borno under Boko Haram occupation


All roads leading to Borno under Boko Haram occupation

All roads leading to Borno under Boko Haram occupation

By Aliyu Maina

Senator Kashim Shettima, Senator Abubakar Kyari, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume are all senators from Borno state. I believe they are very well aware of the worsening security situation in the state. All roads leading to the state capital and other local governments are are virtually under Boko Haram occupation, travellers are constantly being ambushed and killed, while others are kidnapped, the villagers along these routes have abandoned their homes to other safer locations. It will take the grace and protection of the Almighty Allah for travellers to reach the state capital unharmed.

The time to review and restructure the entire security architecture in the fight against this criminals has come. We should not as a sovereign nation allow the killing of innocent and law abiding citizens by criminals and the gradual annexation of our territories. This situation is also the same in other locations in northern Nigeria.

Therefore, the President and commander in chief of the Armed Forces must do something fast to avert further loss of innocent lives and to forestall the already looming danger of conscription of helpless villagers into the group.

The military and other security agents at the war front are doing their best, but they should tell Nigerians the truth about their capability or otherwise in dealing with this rising catastrophe with the equipments at their disposal, so that other options available can be rapidly deployed to bring this menace to an end.

Governor Zulum and his deputy are doing excellently well, but they cannot do it alone, our senators, legislators, and other senior public office holders in Abuja must use their influence and tell the President the true situation of issues down home, this is why they were elected or appointed. It is unfair to allow the people that elected you to wallow in abject poverty and deprivation while you sleep in the comfort of your palatial homes deliberately oblivious of the suffering of the same people that sent you there.

Hope we get things right and fast.

May Allah protect us all everywhere we may be.

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