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Gov. Mai Mala Buni’s impressive youthful administration


Gov. Mai Mala Buni’s impressive youthful administration

Gov. Mai Mala Buni’s impressive youthful administration

By George Onmonya Daniel

I am quite impressed by Governor Mai Mala Buni’s appointment of young people taking key positions in his administration. One in particular is an epidemiologist and a humanitarian analyst, Dr. Mohammed Goje.

Dr. Goje is the Executive Secretary at Yobe State Emergency Management Agency. I have followed his work since he was appointed and I must confess he has done excellently well and his impressive performance may have prompt Governor Mai Mala Buni into forming Yobe’s cabinet which comprises of some of the youngest team in the whole of Nigeria.

Governor Buni himself, youthful, started his political career in Yobe and rising to become National Secretary of the APC at quite a young age. That may have influenced his outlook of politics in believing in qualified young people, in a country where young people have been so marginalized.

Apart from that these young people are quite educated and qualified. Youthfulness come with a lot of creativity and energy. I hope Governor Mai Mala Buni would use the brains he has assembled, Special Assistants and Commissioners, to achieve so much for Yobe in this challenging time. What he needs to do is to give them freedom to  bring up ideas and laudable ideas should be commended.

I personally feel for Yobe people. People who have faced the menace of Boko Haram for over a decade now. Being a child in Potiskum and starting my primary school there, I almost always feel attached to the state and that’s why I have always have interest in Yobe State and Borno State. These are like my State.

As the editor of NEWISSUES Magazine, Yobe and Borno would be one of our priority to look at because the people have gone through a lot and need good governance at this moment. That’s why Governor Mai Mala Buni administration interest me.

So far it has been good. At least the people of Yobe that I spoke to say that.

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