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2023: Ajibulu Counsels Igbos Over Attack On INEC Offices

One of the Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu Coordinator In the United States Of America(USA) has advised the Igbo leaders not to look the other way over the persistent and continuous burning down of the INEC offices and police stations in the Southeast part of the country.

Specifically, he expressed disappointment at the “lukewarm and sitdown look” attitude of the Igbo leaders, saying their actions can make people see them as rudderless and immature.

Ajibulu believed that the current arsonist attitude and the persistent calling for secession by the Biafra promoters are the two factors that would stand any Igbo man on the road to the 2023 Presidency, saying people would not trust them.

The Ipao Ekiti born politician said that no Nigerian will trust anybody from the Southeast with Nigeria Presidency, stressing that nobody is ready to continue experiencing the kind of nepotism and sectionalism under the ongoing Fulani rulership.

Tinubu coordinator frowned at the persistent attacks on Police stations and INEC offices in the Southeast region, while the political leaders and elders in that region remained calm and unconcerned.

He went ahead to condemn what he described as the lukewarm attitude of the Igbo leaders towards risen arson and destructive activities of Igbo youths under the disguise of secession or restructuring.

According to Ajibulu, these drastic badly acts by the Igbo youths pointed out they lack leadership, mentorship and respect for constituted authorities and constitutional provisions as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution. “They are just acting as if they don’t have reliable leaders in their region”, he added.

Ajibulu who spoke exclusively in a telephone interview with our correspondent in Ado Ekiti said; “This continuous and persistent burning down and destruction of INEC Offices in the South East is worrisome and call for concern”.

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He said this continuous and persistent dastardly act could have been prevented and stopped by the leaders in those regions even before now if the Igbo leaders were security conscious.

“This situation is worrisome and it baffles me, Yoruba used to say agba kii wa loja kori omo tuntun wo, meaning in English is that things should not be allowed to go wrong when there are elders around.

“So I can not imagine that the Igbo leaders will adopt the attitude of “siddon look” and allow things get out of hands this way. The burning of INEC offices and police stations means a lot and a bad signal for the country.

“If the agitators have any issue or reason why they should call for Biafra or secession, especially when it bothers on marginalisation, they should rather meet with their leaders to call for a National Conference where such issues could be addressed and resolved amicably.

“But for them resulting in arson is to me unreasonable, senseless, immature and it can make people begin to see the people of that region as unserious people that lacks direction. Apart from the fact that these actions will ridicule them, it will also make people not trust the Igbo former leadership role come 2023.

“Same Igbos that are saying they want to be President come 2023, are same people burning down INEC offices in their region where election materials would be assembled for the conduct of the election, so what sense can you see in that?

“Or tell me, what justification or sense in a situation when the people that are crying of insecurity in the country are at the same time descending low as to going to burning down Police Stations in their region, and also attacking police officers whose sole responsibilities are to protect lives and properties of the people, while their leaders closed their eyes and allowed this evil perpetration to continue.

“This is an act of rudderless, is immaturity, is senseless and condemnable. This is uncalled for. The Igbo leaders should rise up against this, and it should be stopped,” Ajibulu concluded.

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