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Mrs. Regina Fani-Kayode Tells friends and advisors to tell precious to come see her children

Mrs. Regina Femi Fani-Kayode ex-wife of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, former Minister of Aviation and Media Director of Goodluck Jonathan presidential campaign in the 2015 election, has called another ex-wife of FFK, Precious Chikwendu to come over and see her children. Mrs. Regina Fani-Kayode said Ms. Precious is deceiving the public giving an impression that she is not allowed to see her childre

Mrs. Regina wrote:

“To the friends and advisors, please tell Precious to come and see her children as a real mother and stop wmd deceiving the public, nobody is keeping her children away from her.

“Even animals will enter any pit if their child is there, but you have comfortably kept away for a year. Making excuses that you can’t stand your bad memories of the house and that’s why you can’t visit your babies.

“A responsible mother will always prioritize the sight of her babies above any personal need.

“You better get professional help for your lack of empathy for your babies and learn to be a little selfless as a mum”- Mrs. Regina Fani-Kayode. Facebook, 8th August 2021.

Ms. Precious Chikwendu who had a very bitter parting with Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, her ex-husband, have four children of which she has to court demanding custody for her children. Since she left she has accused Chief Fani-Kayode of abuses of which Chief Fani-Kayode denied, sharing a video in which Precious was seen abusing him. He later accused Precious of infidelity.

On her own part Ms. Precious Chikwendu claimed she went through trauma living with FFK as she was locked up and followed and wasn’t allowed to see her friends. She claimed she was imprisoned.

Recently the police invited and arrested Ms. Precious Chikwendi after she was reported by Senator who said Precious posted that the Senator wanted to kill her. Ms. Precious blamed her ordeal on Chief Femi Fani Kayode. On that Mrs. Regina Femi Fani-Kayode has this to say:

“For all those rightly distressed by the issues of Precious, please get your facts right. FFK was not involved in her lock up.
“She called a Senator and rained abuses on her for being a friend to FFK, then come on social media to lie about her life being attacked by the Senator.
“The Senator had the case investigated to ensure that she’s not wrongfully implicated in the future and her character defamed by the lies.
Precious has never been denied access to the children. She can vist them at any time. You can ask her lawyer.
“She walked out of the house over the issue at the hotel because she wanted to continue with her affairs.
“She brutalized the children and has never been a mother to any of them since birth due to postpartum issues. Their peadatrucian can confirm the facts.
“That’s the reason why the children are not staying with her .
“She has phychlogical issues due to childhood trauma..
“She tried to stab her children and FFK and actually did stab one of her relatives in the house.
It took her doctors and several police officers 6 hrs to restrain her.
“She has never been physically abused by FFK. She had numerous relatives living in the house including her three brothers .
“FFK has never threatened her life or endangered her in any way, even on the day he caught her naked in the hotel room he never beat her so what else could she possibly do to provoke him to hurt her ?
“These are facts of the case and l dare anyone to make their own investigation if they doubt the truth. All evidence will be available in court”- Mrs. Regina Fani-Kayode, Facebook, 7th August 2021.

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