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Katsina govt blasts miyetti allah Hore’s secretary over comment

The Katsina State Director General on Social Media, Mr. Al-Amin Isa, has issued a press release made available to NEWISSUES magazine lambasting the Secretary of Miyetti Allah Hore, Hassan Kuba, over statement he made in response to interview by Governor Masari in which the governor said majority of the bandits are Fulani herdsmen, “people who speak the same language like me, profess the same religion as me…”

Mr. Al-Amin Isa

Speaking to SaharaReporters on Tuesday, the National Secretary of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Saleh Alhassan, asked Nigerians to ignore the governor.

“Did you take that drunkard serious? My governor, do you take him serious? Can’t you see that he is already tired? Records should come from security operatives, not a confused human being.

“He knows them now, is he not a Fulani man? All of them talking, they are stealing security votes, they should find solutions, create ranches for these herders and accommodate them.

“Which people do you find along the Sahel Sahara desert? They are many tribes, is it by physique that you now identify a Fulani man? The bandits are criminals, why should you attach tribe to it, that’s why we are not happy. You don’t need to attach a tribe because it will affect innocent person.

“Forget that man, that man is the worst Governor Katsina has had; we are just praying for his time to lapse.”

Mr. Al-Amin Isa said “The unfortunate involvement of Fulani into armed banditry especially kidnapping for ransom and cattle rustling, has exposes the ones revered tribe in Nigeria to ridicule. This calls for concern and soul searching by any responsible person that associate, respect or belong to this noble tribe.

“Recently, Governor Aminu Bello Masari granted an interview to Channels Television on the recent security measures adopted by the Five (5) North West Governor’s including Niger State from North Central, whose states have been seriously affected by the activities of these Fulani marauders. The interview is an honest assessment of the security measures adopted by the Six (6) States.

“The interview generated a very provocative remarks from Saleh Alhassan the Secretary-General of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore. Such comment would not have deserved a response but coming from a person who is representing a group known to be merchants of violence and mischief, the need to put the record straight and expose his antics to the general public need not be overemphasized.

“Early this year Governor Nasir El-Rufai made the following factual statements on BBC Hausa on 8th August, 2021, that:

“Anybody that thinks a Fulani man that ventured into kidnapping for ransom and he is earning millions of naira would go back to his former life of getting N100,000 after selling a cow in a year must be deceiving himself. I told him that the majority of these Fulani bandits don’t believe in religion. Therefore, I don’t believe in what he (Gumi) is doing that they should be forgiven and compensated” he, said.

“But Saleh Alhassan conveniently sealed his ears, eyes and looked the other way because Governor El-Rufai is a hard target for him, but suddenly became alive when Governor Masari made the following statement:

MR. Alhassan Kuba, Miyetti Allah

““Majority of those involved in this banditry are Fulani’s whether it is palatable, or it is not palatable but that is the truth. I am not saying 100% of them are Fulani but majority of them are, and these are people who live in the forest and their main occupation is rearing of cattle.””

Mr. Al-Almin said Mr. Saleh Alhassan Kubah said what he said “Just because he believes Governor Masari is an easy target.”

Mr. Al-Amin said that the Katsina State government have taken exception to the irresponsible and provocative utterances of Saleh Alhassan over Governor Masari’s interview with Channels Television.

“What narrative is Saleh Alhassan trying to promote with his asinine views expressed against Governor Masari’s innocent comment? The impression is that he is willy-nilly promoting the interests of bandits and terrorist. Saleh Alhassan being an ordinary scribe of cattle breeders’ association has now morphed into defender of an obnoxious group of Fulani’s terrorizing innocent citizens in all parts of Nigeria.

“Their sense of self-importance just because they belong to an association of Fulani herders has grown in provocative proportions. Belonging to an association of cattle breeders does not give this scoundrel free rein to utter inanities in the public space.

“We hereby demand that Miyetti Allah should redeem its image by distancing itself from the activities of this opportunistic splinter group known as Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, so that the general public will be able to differentiate between the real Miyetti Allah and the group known as Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore. Allowing a known bandits sympathizer bearing similar name with them will leave people with no option rather than to believe that the Bandits are the militia wing of Miyetti Allah.

“We hereby called on the DSS, the Nigeria Police and all security services in Nigeria to profile Saleh Alhassan and the group he represents Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore. The vexatious manner they use to react whenever the name of bandits is mentioned is enough proof of their group’s implicit complicity in the insecurity problem bedeviling this country.”

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