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Insecurity: Buhari and Arewa governors are the problem, By George Onmonya Daniel

The reason why the security apparatuses handling the BANDITS problem has been ineffective are the president, the presidency that is always kissing the ass of the President, and  Arewa governors. 

Almost the entire individuals heading and in charge of President Buhari’s security are Muslims and from the North. Why have they not been able to handle the bandits situation?

It is very simple. The whole problem lies in their definition and interpretation of the problem. Political, religious, opinion leaders, see the bandits problem as a problem of the Nigerian government neglecting the Fulani people which has now pushed them to take arms against the nation. So many people have told me that the Fulanis no longer have cattle and most of the cattle belong to big men who have bought it all from them. With no means of livelihood they are pushed to crime.

That has been why there was absolute silence when people were being killed everyday in Zamfara State and environ. Until recently the whole Muslim—North have been quiet, some form of conspiratorial silence, over the incessant massacres that has been going on for years in their territories. I am not talking about the Middle Belt now. What happens in the Middle Belt doesn’t concern most people in Arewa. In fact so many even were praising the murderers and calling them warriors. These same characters that are now the problem in Arewa. They were allowed into the Middle Belt, sacking villages, killing farming communities, and to Arewa, it was communal clashes. They have been grazing for over a hundred years and no one can stop them from grazing even when the grazing means eating up farms and the livelihood of the farmers in their ancestral homes.

We have leaders from Arewa who were routing for all Fulanis in West Africa to come into Nigeria. We have a federal government under Buhari that kept defending BANDITS simply because they are his tribesmen, blaming the crisis on people trained by Late Mamman Ghadafi of Libya, turning over and over to blame ISIS-West Africa, then foreign Fulani men.

President Buhari and his security men who want to keep their job as willing to follow the definition of the crisis and go along with the politics of it to the detriment of the people being killed all over. These farming communities had no one to speak for them. Northern Nigeria was obsessed with protecting an incompetent president and choose to blame advisers who were not voted.

It took almost 4 years before journalist, Kadaria Ahmed, took the street of Abuja with others to protest the killings in Zamfara. After that protest I recall people calling her names. Some even said Arewa should declare FATWA on her because she married some Christian guy in the United Kingdom and had children for him before they were divorced.

The president, his team and the whole governors of Arewa, the entire Muslim governors, watched and kept quiet, following that line of interpretation that suits their people whether it was true or not.

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President Buhari and these Northern governors should me solely blamed for these killings. They abandoned their people, they took side with the bandits and kept paying them money to drop their arms only for them to go elsewhere to continue terrorizing the people.

Would the Federal Government have been quiet if the killers are from Igbo land or Yoruba land? Will Arewa be silent if these killers are from Plateau or Southern Kaduna?

The people of Arewa wouldn’t have been quite either if these bandits were from Plateau, Southern Kaduna or from the South.

I think we all know the problem as Nigerians and we know where the problem lies.

George Onmonya Daniel
Twitter: @onmonyageorge

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