Kashim Shettima is not a terrorist, By George Onmonya Daniel

Hajiya Naja’atu told everyone that Kashim Shettima is a Boko Haram terrorist on national television after leaving the All Progressive Congress (APC) to join Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The truth is that Kashim Shettima is not a terrorist. There is no evidence anywhere that he is. Yes, Kabiru Sokoto was found in Borno Government Lodge in Asokoro, but that doesn’t prove anything. Anyone can give you a room in the lodge


There was story that Senator Ali Modu Sherrif (SAS) was a Boko Haram member. In fact that story was promoted by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Immediately the PDP lost election and the big monies were not interested in putting money in the party, the PDP went shopping for Senator Ali Modu Sheriff to be their Chairman. Campaign times are like this in Nigeria but we should always stick to the facts. Of course I was offended when Tinubu went for a Muslim-Muslim ticket. I thought a Northern Christian deserves to be the Vice President. I watched as Arewa politicians quietly positioned themselves to be Tinubu’s Deputy, how they did not condemn their religious leaders for campaigning that a KAFFIR should not be allowed to represent Arewa, how they deliberately pushed the narrative, afterall Nasir El-Rufai has done it in Kaduna. But that doesn’t mean I will stand I watch a man’s image being tarnished because of politics.


Boko Haram overwhelmed everyone. There were people many people knew, regular people, some were even family members, and they went and joined an Islamic sect that would turn out to be one of the deadliest in the world. Does that make everyone in Bormo and environ a Boko Haram member? Yes, Kashim Shettima made a mistake with the Chibok girls, he should have come out to apologise long time ago, it’s OK to apologise and accept responsibilities, why he never did, I don’t know, but to label him a Boko Haram member is malicious and callous. 


I grew up in Maiduguri. I have friends who were killed by Boko Haram, most of them were Muslims. They were killed because they disagreed with the Boko Haram doctrine. Even Borno State Government went to war with Boko Haram because they disagreed with their doctrines. That was why they invited the Federal Government to help them deal with the issue. 


Many mistakes was made during this period. All over many people tried to blame Goodluck Jonathan for a problem created and made in Arewa. It was widespread. Politicians took advantage of the situation and looked for who blame, claiming they can fix it within few months. They told their people Goodluck Jonathan was benefitting from Boko Haram, all lies. Some of the people at the forefront of this propaganda were General Muhammadu Buhari and Nasir El-Rufai. They have been in government for more than 7 years now and they have not fixed any of the problems. Things have become worsen.


When you have the right to vote whoever you want to vote, please stop the campaign of calumny except you have evidence to back it up like Mike Achimugu who accused Atiku and is backing it up with so much evidence.

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